The Road to Queenstown


I wisely started with a map – JRR Tolkien

I’m excited to be bringing together this exhibition – ‘Sense of Place’ alongside ‘A Photographic Ensemble…’ by Monark Gallery – to be displayed together at The Front Room Gallery in Queenstown, New Zealand in May 2017.

Fulfilling a life long dream and following ‘A year in Wanaka’  – The road to Queenstown began many years ago…

“It just hit me one day – bang – just like that – and I knew – I really knew what I needed to do.  So I stopped for a while, gathered my thoughts, drank loads of coffee, published my poetry, listened to a tonne of music, got inspired, got to work – And this exhibition is the beginning of that work.  With fantastic support, incredible inspiration and beautiful surroundings – I’m looking forward to sharing our art”  kf


Here I am

4 artists, 1 stage – 4 concepts, 1 stage show – 4 different views, 1 incredible performance.

This project was truly fun to work on – created for the Wanaka Wearable Creations show – ‘Here I am’ – aims to challenge ourselves in every possible way – through music, through poetry, cinematography and dance – allowing every artist to shine in their own unique and beautiful way…

This to me is what collaboration is all about and I’ve certainly learnt a lot through the process… as we plan our next exhibition, there is a world of possibilities out there and that’s always exciting.

Artists – Claire O’Connell, Oisin O’Connell, Aly Gibson, Karina Fay

Wanaka Wearable Creations – 27-29 October 2016 – Wanaka, NZ

Photographs by Alpine Image Company – Wanaka, New Zealand


Blurred Lines – Wanaka

After returning from the South Pacific, I began working on a number of smaller exhibitions and events in New Zealand, exhibiting and painting live at Art in the Park and Matariki in Wanaka and holding 2 exhibitions at Pacificfusion in Portobello, Dunedin – ‘Stories from the Pacific Rim’ and ‘Into the Blue’…

‘Blurred Lines’ is a deeply personal exhibition and tells a thousand stories.  It’s an exploration and experience through music and writing, exploring the connections we all make with each other, our environment, ourselves and our artwork.  Our ‘Free your Mind’  art workshops held in Wellington and Wanaka explored this concept in more depth, allowing for a greater understanding of emotion and expression using music to inspire the creative flow and adding a layer of poetry to the finished piece.

We used music from Red Rebel Music, including music from JD Fortune and the recent Seven in 7 projects as creative inspiration to both paint to and use throughout the workshops, having recently experienced their second project, ‘Seven in 7 in Ontario’ – which we found incredibly inspiring and enjoyable as an artist and a fan of great music.

For me, music always expresses what we cannot say in words and it can take you to places you never thought possible – “If art feels like a return trip to the middle of the unconscious universe, it’s because it is

Blurred Lines – May/June 2015, Wanaka, New Zealand.  Art, Poetry, Music




Tapa Ap-ART – Samoa

Tapa Ap-ART – A New Twist on Tapa.  July 2013…

This exhibition is designed to take you on a journey from our home town of Wanaka, New Zealand, across the Pacific Ocean to some famous landmarks in America and dropping in on a couple of Islands inbetween – Samoa, Fiji and Rarotonga.

I’d love people to take away with them from this exhibition a love of travel, an appreciation of the vast expanse of the world and a love of the South Pacific through a series of paintings that bring together many different elements.
I believe in the arts in Samoa and want to encourage artists to follow their dreams while staying true to themselves. I hope to continue on our journey around the world – always exploring new spaces and places, people and cultures and as always and forever – Travelling the world with Samoa as our suitcase – A new twist on Tapa.

Follow your dreams, follow your passions and the world will fall quietly into your lap without your knowledge.

Facilitated by the gallery, art workshops were held at the Ministry of Education in Apia and our ‘Scream in Colour’ workshop held at the gallery included adult deaf students from SENESE.    Art is so much more than what’s spoken or heard – it’s everything to me.


Te Pae Tai Nui – Rarotonga

This exhibition and commission for the Edgewater Resort in Rarotonga began in Samoa after meeting the New Zealand high commissioner at our exhibition opening.   Work began on a total of 15 artworks to be displayed in and around the resort, incorporating the opening of the new Te Pae Tai Nui Cultural Villiage concept at the hotel.  Each painting represented an island in the Cook Islands Archipelago to tie in with the overall theme.  We worked together with the manager of Edgewater to bring the artworks over and enjoy the hospitality of the resort.

What an incredibly rich and heartfelt experience… I cannot put into words how beautiful it is to travel the world in this way.  Through art, through music, poetry and photography and through the connections you make with other people – I will let the photos do the talking.


On display at Edgewater Resort, Rarotonga.