A fairy good tale…

Well, here we are, on this, the second day in March, the year 2018.  How time flies!  And how the world waits, patiently it waits, for all the dreams that could be imagined – it waits.  I believe in timing… If it hasn’t happened already, maybe it’s going to happen soon, in good time and in the right place – exactly how it’s supposed to be. Well that’s some fairy tale alright, and I love the sound of that!!

So I got asked the other day when I’m off to New York… Yep… I could’ve answered that, could’ve told her all… could, would, maybe I should… And I will, when the time is right, square and centre, I will.

And so, among the millions of ideas that could ever be, this is one of them, my life’s dream… However it happens, whatever it entails – it’s gonna be epic.

Enjoy the moment – it’s awesome to be…


Karina x


Author: karinafayblog

Artist - Wanaka, New Zealand www.karinafay.com

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