A concept of time…

Happy New Year! Hope it’s fabulous!

This is Island of North – A concept of time… (The collection 2017/18):


I’ve been working on artwork and photography for this collection – well, pretty much all of my life.

It’s about 2 things really – finding my way back home and staying there, no matter where in the world you actually live. It’s reconnection – transcending – mind blowing!! After working in and exhibiting ‘A Sense of Place’ in May 2017 – I’ve found out two incredible things.

Firstly – that home is not a physical place and Secondly – that I am already home – everyday – and loving every minute of it.

I’m 42 now, and I was 21 when I left design school in Wellington, New Zealand – which means that for exactly half of my life, I’ve dealt with the reality of failure – (and I told myself I wouldn’t call it that anymore but that’s exactly what it was). You see, getting 48% in my final assignment just wasn’t acceptable for me, and I never went back. Because now, after a long period of recall, recovery and reflection – it no longer matters as it once did.

I’ve seen stress, experienced post traumatic stress, anxiety and panic attacks, I’ve been frantic at times, numbed out at others, been confused, frustrated and fighting.  And now, thanks to some very wonderful people – I feel proud – I feel understood and more importantly – I feel inspired!!

And all I can say is this…

You’re awesome!!

Truly Truly Truly


Thank you so very much – see you in New York

Karina x






Author: karinafayblog

Artist - Wanaka, New Zealand www.karinafay.com

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