Island of North…

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be exhibiting back home… back in the city I grew up in – Wellington, New Zealand.

Island of North is more than an exhibition – it’s a beginning and an answer… it’s reconnecting with myself, my family, friends and all I know.  After many years living in Wanaka, through all the ups and downs of life, dreams and more – it’s a journey back in time – back to a time – back where I belong…

Island of North – Wellington, New Zealand – 2017/18

Exhibition Details to come…

Island of North

Where do you come from

What do you afford

It’s like vul-ner.abilities

Double edged sword

Like everyones different

We all have our clues

And what we keep hidden

Is lighting the fuse

If life is a theatre

Each part of an act

It’s keeping the pieces

Of puzzle intact

So back to the city

Familiar zone

And back to the city

The one I call home

by Karina Fay

And after all the writing, painting, dreaming and traveling – There is one song that stands out – says it all – takes me back home…


Back where you Belong – JD Fortune




Author: karinafayblog

Artist - Wanaka, New Zealand

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