They say Rome wasn’t built in a day… but maybe if we build a little every day – we might just be able to roam for a really really long time. And that’s what I’m aiming for anyways.

Getting ready for the Christchurch Art Show to be held from 21-24 June 2018 – I’ve enjoyed getting back to the studio (garage) to do what I do best – to start again on this game we call life.

This is our Elements 1 series – 4 paintings and 2 from our ‘Island of North’ collection – once an exhibition, now in the present moment and heading into the future.

Enjoy the journey, Thanks all

Karina x


A fairy good tale…

Well, here we are, on this, the second day in March, the year 2018.  How time flies!  And how the world waits, patiently it waits, for all the dreams that could be imagined – it waits.  I believe in timing… If it hasn’t happened already, maybe it’s going to happen soon, in good time and in the right place – exactly how it’s supposed to be. Well that’s some fairy tale alright, and I love the sound of that!!

So I got asked the other day when I’m off to New York… Yep… I could’ve answered that, could’ve told her all… could, would, maybe I should… And I will, when the time is right, square and centre, I will.

And so, among the millions of ideas that could ever be, this is one of them, my life’s dream… However it happens, whatever it entails – it’s gonna be epic.

Enjoy the moment – it’s awesome to be…


Karina x

A concept of time…

Happy New Year! Hope it’s fabulous!

This is Island of North – A concept of time… (The collection 2017/18):


I’ve been working on artwork and photography for this collection – well, pretty much all of my life.

It’s about 2 things really – finding my way back home and staying there, no matter where in the world you actually live. It’s reconnection – transcending – mind blowing!! After working in and exhibiting ‘A Sense of Place’ in May 2017 – I’ve found out two incredible things.

Firstly – that home is not a physical place and Secondly – that I am already home – everyday – and loving every minute of it.

I’m 42 now, and I was 21 when I left design school in Wellington, New Zealand – which means that for exactly half of my life, I’ve dealt with the reality of failure – (and I told myself I wouldn’t call it that anymore but that’s exactly what it was). You see, getting 48% in my final assignment just wasn’t acceptable for me, and I never went back. Because now, after a long period of recall, recovery and reflection – it no longer matters as it once did.

I’ve seen stress, experienced post traumatic stress, anxiety and panic attacks, I’ve been frantic at times, numbed out at others, been confused, frustrated and fighting.  And now, thanks to some very wonderful people – I feel proud – I feel understood and more importantly – I feel inspired!!

And all I can say is this…

You’re awesome!!

Truly Truly Truly


Thank you so very much – see you in New York

Karina x





Island of North…

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be exhibiting back home… back in the city I grew up in – Wellington, New Zealand.

Island of North is more than an exhibition – it’s a beginning and an answer… it’s reconnecting with myself, my family, friends and all I know.  After many years living in Wanaka, through all the ups and downs of life, dreams and more – it’s a journey back in time – back to a time – back where I belong…

Island of North – Wellington, New Zealand – 2017/18

Exhibition Details to come…

Island of North

Where do you come from

What do you afford

It’s like vul-ner.abilities

Double edged sword

Like everyones different

We all have our clues

And what we keep hidden

Is lighting the fuse

If life is a theatre

Each part of an act

It’s keeping the pieces

Of puzzle intact

So back to the city

Familiar zone

And back to the city

The one I call home

by Karina Fay

And after all the writing, painting, dreaming and traveling – There is one song that stands out – says it all – takes me back home…


Back where you Belong – JD Fortune



Making Sense

It’s been a while since I wrote here – truth is, I’ve been so busy talking, I’ve had no time to speak… well not really but that sounds like a rational explanation…

We’ve wrapped up our exhibition in Queenstown, headed to the Christchurch Art show and now we’re getting ready for the Dunedin Art show in September – heading there with “A Sense of Place” and a few new artworks – it’s been a busy busy time.  So much fun – too much to write about here…  apart from one thing – and that’s Thank You!!  We’ve only just begun.

Making Sense

“Finding a Sense of Place was all that mattered in the end.  I’m so lucky to have found that” kf

Sense of Place

Moving away from the city I know

Into the town and the mountains of snow

Out from the place where the dreams have been made

What to do now as the city lights fade

Driving along on the road by the coast

Sensing the fear while we’re making the most

Dawning on me – yet another blank page

Closing the curtain on yesterday’s stage

Finding myself on the edge of the lake

Looking across at the dreams still to make

Words doing flips in the middle of night

Colours emerging and into the light

I’m looking for home and the place that I knew

I think it lies somewhere out over the blue

I keep driving over – the road it winds long

And over the airwaves a beautiful song

I know where I’m going – I know where I’ve been

And this is a place that not everyone’s seen

I stay on the road as the night makes the day

For always in colour are words that I say

by Karina Fay

“I’ve been working on artwork for our upcoming exhibition since moving down to Wanaka from Wellington in November 2011.  Through music, travel, writing, painting and poetry – I’ve found a ‘Sense of Place’ – I’ve found some beautiful music and I’ve found myself there time and time again.  This is where art is made, where words and paint collide and where I fly free.  For me it’s always been about the art – the art of the heart – the art of the part of the heart – of the art – And it always will be.  Dream Big – Fly Free” kf

Sense of Place – The Front Room Gallery – Queenstown, New Zealand – May 2017

I’ve always painted to music and this exhibition is no exception.  Sometimes I find a song that just say’s it all – this is one of these songs.  As we get ready to showcase our artwork and exhibition alongside A Photographic Ensemble… – the debut exhibition for Monark Gallery – I’m so excited to share our artwork with you all…

This has been a dream in the making – through it all.  This is it – this is the dream!!

Sense of Place – A Photographic Ensemble…


Morning walk, early morning…… the path winds up and over the hill ahead.  It’s quiet, eerie still – like a pulse in between moving traffic on the road to the left.

I love this place – it’s thinking space, music space and I keep walking.  The ground is frozen, another frost in the midst of late winter and I feel spring close by – so close, I can touch it.


On the side I catch a glimpse – a blanket of diamonds sprawled out between the undergrowth and I stop for a breath.  Not one, but dozens of glistening webs line both sides of the path.  And this one is special – as if it was placed there by a giants hand – so delicate, so perfect, so crisp and clear.

I keep walking, up and over to Diamond Lake…

I climb the steps up to the lookout point on the hill above.  The view is amazing from here and the lake plays like a movie of fast moving clouds on the surface.  Mountains surround me in every direction – enveloping me in a tight embrace.  The path continues up the hill – to the summit of Rocky Mountain…

Slabs of schist lie beside the track near the top, golden tussock’s spring up from every part of the diagonal track and the path winds it’s way around the edge…

I keep walking…

The view from here is spectacular – looking down at the outline of West Wanaka – the colours of nature perfectly blending in as lines of mountains of every size and shape fill the void between the water and the sky.  I stop, take in the view

and keep walking…

I am transported somewhere, moonlight flickers through the trees and shadows sway and move with the light breeze.  Water weaves through the landscape to the valley floor below as the snow changes into droplets…


I keep walking.

Time is drifting, moving, shifting and…

I’m home.

The journey’s been long.  The journey’s been awesome.  The journey’s always beginning.

I know this place.  I know the writing.  I know…

Time flies.

There’s a light up ahead – shining.

So bright it shines through everything.  Through the darkest clouds, the brightest sunshine and the brightest universe.  So bright I know I’m home – So bright I can always count on it… So bright, so high, so free…

Looking around, I see the curve of the river below, sinking into the sunset.  I see the gentle outline of the mountains and the pockets of vegetation between the lakes.  I see the shoreline – the light flickering through the ripples of water and I know where I am… and I’m sure…

I’m sure of it all.  I’m sure of myself.  I’m sure of you.

I’m sure…


A journey of 1000 smiles…

Leaving the studio today for their gallery debut

28 April 2017

What a journey it’s been – What a journey it will be! Thanks so much!!

Island of North

Queens Wharf Wellington

Sailing into Wellington Harbour on the Blue Bridge, it’s a stunningly beautiful day – the water like glass.

Heading home, back to Wellington, back to the North Island for a month.  After 5 years in the South Island, it feels so good to be home.  And so, with that, work has already begun on our next exhibition – ‘Island of North’ – to be exhibited later this year in Wellington, New Zealand…